Data Migration - Websites

Data Migration Policy : Websites / Databases

Clients may require us from time to time to move their website from their current / old host to Azym Technologies.


The following information is required prior to agreeing to move forward with data migration:





  • Type of website?



CMS like Wordpress?



  •  Technology used?



What version of PHP?
What PHP packages are activated?
What are the php.ini settings required to make the site work?



  • Databases?



Does the site use a database?
Which database goes with which website as per the respective settings file? 

Only once you have ALL of the above information and COMPLETE access to his account can we agree to move his data for him.


Steps to take when moving a client’s website:

  1. Open file manager and make sure you can see hidden / .files, and then rename .htaccess to htaccess.txt
  2. Create a file called ‘site-settings.txt’ and record the checklist data in it. Save this file in /public_html/ root folder.
  3. Use PHPMyAdmin and export all databases and back it up on your computer.
  4. Compress the contents ( not the folder) of the /public_html/ folder using cPanel.  You can then download the .zip file from within the cPanel interface
  5. Once the account is created on the new server, you can upload the zip file and uncompress it in /public_html/ and rename htaccess.txt back to .htaccess
  6. If required - create the necessary database(s) using the MySQL Database Wizard, add users and permissions and then import the backed up databases into it.
  7. Update the database connection file for the site with the new database and database user details.


If you require any help - reach out to anyone in the Sysadmin department.

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