Keep email with old provider.

In a lot of cases we get clients that want a website with us, but want to use their old provider for their mail.  In such cases, we need to do the following steps BEFORE doing the NS update.
Let us use as example.  So the process for this is as follows:
1.  Delete the current MX records on Azym cPanel for the client.
2.  Create new MX records [ TTL 300] that point to the old provider.
3.  Delete the CNAME record that points to
4.  Create a new A-record that points to the old server’s IP address.
5.  Change the Email Routing in cPanel from ‘Local Mail Exchanger’ to ‘Remote Mail Exchanger’.


Once this has been done and verified on our side, then only can we do the NS update. 
This will prevent any downtime on client emails as the records will already be put in place on our side.

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