Access customer portal

The portal gives you access to several back-end functions related to your account with us.  From the customer portal you can:

  1. View all your products with us.
  2. View and pay outstanding invoices.
  3. Raise a query by opening a support ticket with any of the following departments:
    - Support
    - Billing
    - Design
    - Sales

To access the Customer Portal, click here:

Then click on Login at the top:

On the next screen, click on 'Forgot Password and then enter your authorized email address.  This will be the email address you used when registering with us, and will be the one where you receive your invoices on.
If you are unsure which email address this is, you can request via the WhatsApp group that the Support Team confirms the email address to you.


You will receive a password reset email.  Once you have created your password, you will be able to log in.  Once logged in, you will be greeted by the Dashboard which gives an overview of your account with us.  From the top menu, you can click on 'Open Ticket' to raise a query.


After you click on Open Ticket, you will then select in which department you want to raise the query in.  Thereafter you can put in your request, and the correct department will receive it and respond to it.

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